Fees and Schemes

Our fees and schemes include private general dental care, complete smile scheme and NHS dental care.

Fees and Schemes

We offer 3 different schemes to cater for all budgets including a private “fee per item” service, our competitively priced Complete Smile scheme and NHS dentistry.

No1 Victoria Terrace Dental Clinic offer ‘fee per item’ private general dental care.

An examination costs: £50.00.

Failed appointment fees are £15 per 15 minutes.

Hygiene Services

Hand scale and polish £45.00
Ultrasonic scale and polish £55.00
Periodontal Treatment (per visit) £75.00
Implant Hygiene £80.00
Airflow Package £80.00


Amalgam £95.00
GIC £75.00
Anterior or Premolar Composite £80.00/£120.00/£160.00
Molar Composite £120.00/£150.00/£190.00
Composite Bonding £180.00 – £320.00

Extractions and Root fillings

Simple Extraction £95.00
Simple Root Filling from £375.00

Crown and Bridge

Inlay/Onlay £575.00
Composite Veneer £400.00
Porcelain Veneer £600.00
PFM Crown £500.00
Porcelain Crown £600.00
Implant Crown from £700.00
Resin Bonded Bridge £600.00
Fixed Bridge (2 unit) £1100.00


Acrylic Denture from £600.00
Valplast Denture from £850.00
Cobalt Chrome from £1100.00
Denture reline £120.00
Soft Splint £95.00
Fixed Retainer (per arch) £ 175.00
Removable Retainer (per arch) £100.00

Teeth Whitening

Whitening trays plus gel £350.00
Annual whitening review £40.00

Urgent Items

Urgent appointment including X-rays, a temporary filling or prescription £80.00
Out of Hours Urgent appointment £350 per hour plus cost of treatment
Crown/Bridge/Veneer/Inlay recement £139.00

Prices correct as of April 2024

We offer treatment based on the NHS price bands to ensure affordable dental treatment is available
to all.

Band 1 – £26.80

This covers examination, x-rays, preventative advise and a basic hand scale if clinically necessary.

If treatment is needed the charges are as follows:

Band 2 – £73.50

This fee covers up to two of the following treatment items:

  • Clinically indicated fillings
  • Gum treatment
  • Extractions

If the treatment required exceeds two of these items an additional £73.50 will be charged for every
two items.

This fee also covers one of the following treatment items:

  • Denture repair
  • Root filling (does not include re-root filling)

Band 3 – £319.10

This fee covers a set of dentures or one clinically indicated crown, veneer or 2 unit bridge.
If the treatment required exceeds one of these items an additional £319.10 will be charged per item.

Band 4 – £45.00

This fee covers crown/bridge/veneer recements

In line with the NHS system treatment plans will close automatically 8 weeks after the last visit if not
completed. An examination is required prior to any treatment being carried out if not part of an
open course of treatment.

Implant, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic care is not included in this price scheme.

Prices correct as of April 2024

NHS dental treatment is split into 3 main bands of care.

Band 1 – £26.80

This includes an examination, diagnosis (e.g. x-rays), preventative advise, a clinically necessary scale,
fluoride application and fissure sealents.

Band 2 – £73.50

This includes all items listed in Band 1 plus:
Any clinically necessary fillings, root canal treatments, periodontal treatments, extractions, denture
relines and additions

Band 3 – £319.10

This includes all items listed in Band 1 and 2 plus:

Dentures, clinically necessary crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays and bridges.

Urgent appointments cost £26.80 and denture repairs are charge exempt.

Children’s dentistry is free. For adults there are a number of qualifying exemptions. To check if you
are exempt from NHS charges please visit https://www.nhs.uk

Issues with the provision of NHS dentistry are well known and beyond our control. Our NHS funding
is fully allocated so we are unable to accept new patients. We operate a waiting list for children’s

Prices correct as of April 2024